Temecula Auto Air Conditioning Company

If your car takes forever to cool down or your A/C won’t turn on at all, you need to visit Auto Air Pro for automotive air conditioning repair or replacement services. We can get your automotive air conditioner running like new again.

A certified mechanic will inspect your vehicle when you bring it in for automotive air conditioner repair. Our auto A/C inspection includes checking your entire system for damaged or worn components.

Simple auto A/C repair in Temecula usually consists of replacing blown fuses and cracked or worn hoses. We can also help with auto A/C replacement for larger system parts, like the condenser or compressor. Keep reading to learn more about the signs your need A/C repair.

Signs You Need Temecula Auto Air Conditioning Service

The most obvious sign that you need to bring your car in for automotive air conditioning service is if it won’t blow air at all or only blows warm air. There are, however, less obvious signs that your air conditioning system needs to be checked.

Here are some of the other signs you need to bring your car to Auto Air Pro for Temecula auto A/C service:

  • The air conditioner only blows cool air occasionally
  • The air cools some, but won’t get cold, even after the car has been running
  • There’s a strange odor that’s only noticeable when your A/C is running
  • You hear clicking or rattling sounds in your A/C vents
  • The car is unusually humid, regardless of the humidity outside of your car

Each of these symptoms of air conditioner disrepair could mean something different. It’s important to have a mechanic inspect your car’s A/C system to determine the root cause so they can recommend a system repair, recharge, or replacement.

3 Types of Auto Air Conditioning Services

There are three main ways for a mechanic to fix your air conditioning issues. The root cause of the issue will help determine if the A/C system needs a repair, recharge, or replacement.

Auto AC Repair

If there is a component to your A/C system that’s damaged, broken, or in general disrepair, it’s possible for us to make a simple repair. Most auto air conditioner repairs come in the form of parts replacement.

We use only the best, highest-quality parts. In fact, we have the best selection of air conditioner hoses around. We can usually make same-day repairs if you have a damaged hose, blown fuse, or faulty wiring.

Auto AC Recharge

Your A/C system might need a refrigerant recharge if the air starts to cool, but doesn’t get cold enough. It’s also possible that you need additional refrigerant added to your system. Leaky hoses are the leading cause of needing a recharge or refrigerant refill. Once the bad hose is replaced, we can complete your A/C recharge safely and accurately.

Auto AC Replacement

If a simple repair, like fuse or hose replacement, won’t fix your car’s air conditioner, we can complete large component replacement. Additionally, we can complete whole system replacements if replacing and repairing smaller parts or components can’t get your car cooling.

Hire Auto Air Pro for Temecula Automotive Air Conditioning Service

Auto Air Pro has been locally owned and operated since 1995. We’re a well-established, reputable automotive air conditioning service that can help you with repairs, system recharge, and replacement services.

We’ve been the number one choice for Temecula auto air conditioner service for over 25 years.

Customers trust us because we hire only certified, trusted, and reliable staff. We’re also licensed, insured, and bonded.

When you call Auto Air Pro, we’ll help you set up a no-obligation auto A/C service inspection. We have fast and flexible appointments available during the day, in the evening, and even on weekends. If you’re ready to beat the heat, call us to get your auto air conditioning running again.