Menifee Auto Air Conditioning Company

Does your car’s air conditioner system have trouble cooling down the car? Don’t put off auto A/C service anymore! At Auto Air Pro, we provide customers with various auto A/C repairs in Menifee.


It’s essential to have your car’s A/C system serviced by a certified mechanic. The certified mechanics at Auto Air Pro have years of experience completing successful automotive air conditioner repairs.


Since your car’s air conditioning system is so complex, we begin every auto A/C service with a thorough inspection. The inspection will help us to identify any damaged or broken components. Once we know where the problem is, we can help you with Menifee auto air conditioning service to repair, recharge, or replace your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

Signs You Need Auto A/C Service

If you believe that your car’s A/C system is starting to go out, you might notice one of the common signs that you need auto A/C replacement or repair. Here are the top five signs you need to call us for Menifee automotive air conditioning service:


  1. Strange noises, like rattling or clicking, coming from your air conditioning vents are not normal. If you begin to hear noises when you’re running your vehicle’s A/C system, you should bring your car in for service. Our auto A/C repair service will check to see if there’s any debris in your system. We will also check to make sure small animals haven’t caused any damage or built a nest in your car.
  2. Unpleasant smells, like mold or mildew, coming from your A/C vents is another sign that you need to bring your car in for an air conditioner inspection. Excess moisture can build up in your air conditioner if it doesn’t drain condensation properly. The moisture might cause mold to grow in your air conditioner. We will check to ensure your car’s system is able to drain water, so you don’t experience any mold or mildew properly.
  3. You definitely need an air conditioner repair service if your car is blowing warm air. Warm air coming from your vents is a sign that there’s something wrong with the air conditioner’s condenser. The condenser coils could be damaged, dirty, or clogged. We will work to make sure your coils are in good working condition when you bring your car in for repair or replacement services.
  4. Come in for air conditioner repair if the fans in your vents aren’t turning on. Damaged or broken fans aren’t able to push the cool air into your car. We are able to replace broken or damaged fan components so your car can move cool air into the cabin.
  5. If your car cools intermittently, then you could need a refrigerant recharge. We will inspect your car’s hoses and tubes to ensure there’s not a leak. We will also check to make sure there’s enough pressure in your A/C system to cool your car correctly.


Our Menifee auto air conditioner service will make the necessary repairs to get your air conditioner cooling correctly. We can also recharge your refrigerant or make necessary parts replacements to resolve your car’s air conditioning issues.

Choose Auto Air Pro for Automotive Air Conditioning Service

Auto Air Pro is your go-to auto air conditioning company. Since 1995, we’ve helped customers in Menifee with automotive air conditioning repair services. We’re locally owned and operated. Our company is also licensed, insured, and bonded.

When you need help with auto A/C replacement or repair, turn to our well-established, reputable auto air conditioning service. We hire only qualified, reliable, and trusted staff.

Rest assured that when you choose Auto Air Pro for your automotive air conditioning service, a certified mechanic will promptly make the repairs. All of our automotive air conditioning work is guaranteed. Give us a call today to arrange an appointment and get your vehicle cooling again.