Fallbrook Auto Air Conditioning Company

No one plans for their vehicle’s air conditioner to stop working, but when it happens, you need help fast! Call Auto Air Pro for fast and dependable service if you’re in Fallbrook and need automotive air conditioning repair. For over 25 years, we have helped customers with their auto A/C replacement and repair service needs.

Going through a trusted company for automotive air conditioner repair is essential because your vehicle’s A/C system is complex. When you bring your vehicle to Auto Air Pro, we will begin your Fallbrook automotive air conditioning service with a thorough inspection. Following the inspection, we will recommend a system repair, recharge, or replacement to get your car cooling again.

Common Signs of Automotive Air Conditioner Issues

Your car may signal that there’s an issue with the air conditioner system in various ways. Here are some common signs your car needs auto A/C replacement or repair:

Odd Smells: your car’s A/C system should never put off strange or off putting smells. It’s possible for mold or mildew to grow in your car’s A/C system if it’s exposed to humidity or condensation for extended periods.

Strange Noises: it should be fairly quiet when you turn on your A/C or increase the airflow. Rattling or clicking sounds could signal that something is wrong with your A/C system. Outside debris or damage caused by small animals is oftentimes the cause of strange noises coming from your A/C system.

Dampness: your car shouldn’t feel damp when you’re driving with the A/C on because the system works to dehumidify the inside of your car. If you notice that your car is damp while running the A/C, there could be a problem with water not draining properly from the air conditioner system.

If you experience any of these signs, you should bring your car to Auto Air Pro for Fallbrook auto air conditioner service.

What’s Included in an Automotive Air Conditioning Inspection

When you bring your vehicle in for Fallbrook auto air conditioning service, a mechanic will thoroughly inspect the entire A/C system. Here are some of the components that we will inspect:

  • Hoses, fuses, and belts
  • System wiring
  • Air Filter
  • Condenser
  • Compressor seal
  • Freon level and pressure

We will also check to see if there are any leaking or damaged parts within your vehicle’s A/C system. Based on the findings of the A/C inspection, our staff will recommend auto A/C replacement or auto A/C repair in Fallbrook. In most cases, we are able to provide a quick repair or replacement turnaround time to get you back to your daily schedule.

Auto Air Conditioner Repair, Recharge, or Replacement

Our team will work hard to get your vehicle’s air conditioning system cooling again. System repair, freon recharge, and replacement are the three main services we offer. The service we recommend is based on the A/C inspection findings.

We work with trusted suppliers to get the highest quality parts for your vehicle. We will repair or replace A/C system parts with new hoses, belts, or fuses when needed. It’s also possible that your system is in need of a refrigerant recharge. If your system has a leak, we will replace the broken part and recharge your vehicle’s freon.

Choose Auto Air Pro for Your Automotive A/C Needs

Auto Air Pro is Fallbrook’s number one choice for automotive air conditioning services. We have been locally owned and operated since 1995. Our well-established, reputable auto air conditioning service hires only highly trained, reliable team members.

When you need auto A/C service, you need help fast. We offer fast and flexible appointment times. All of our work is guaranteed. We’re also licensed, insured, and bonded. Call us today to arrange an appointment for an auto air conditioning inspection. We’ll get your vehicle cooling quickly so you can get on with your day.