Corona Auto Air Conditioning Company

Has your vehicle’s air conditioner stopped working as well as it used to, or has it stopped working altogether? If the answer is yes, you need to bring your car in for auto A/C service. Auto Air Pro is a trusted Corona automotive air conditioning service that can get your vehicle cooling again quickly.

Common Auto Air Conditioning Problems

Not all automotive air conditioning issues are the same. The most common air conditioning problems include the fan not working, the system not producing cool air, and the system intermittently producing cool air.

Other automotive air conditioning problems occur if there’s a leak in your systems hoses. It’s essential that there are no leaks in your A/C system. If there are leaks, the refrigerant could run low, which reduces your A/C system’s ability to cool your car.

Don’t worry if you’re experiencing any of the above common automotive air conditioning problems. In most cases, one of our certified mechanics can complete a repair or part replacement to get your air conditioner running smoothly again.

Inspection & Diagnosis

We begin every Corona auto air conditioner service with a complete A/C system inspection. Every inspection includes the following:

  • Check refrigerant lines and hoses
  • Measure the system’s pressure
  • Measure the output temperature
  • Check the belts, fuses, and wiring
  • Check the condenser and compressor seal
  • Check for cracked, damaged, or broken parts
  • Check the air filters and airflow

Based on our mechanical assessment, we will make a system diagnosis. The diagnosis will help us to recommend auto A/C repair or auto A/C replacement. In most cases, we will be able to perform same day work so that you can return to your normal schedule.

Automotive Air Conditioner Repair and Recharge

Depending on the outcome of the vehicle’s A/C inspection and diagnosis, we can repair or recharge the A/C system to get it running like new again. Whenever possible, our auto A/C repair in Corona will make system repairs.


We only use quality materials and supplies to repair your air conditioning system. It’s best to make repairs to faulty or broken parts within your vehicle’s A/C system before further damage can be done.


Repairs can be as simple as bringing the refrigerant up to the correct pressure or recharging the system with additional freon. Additionally, we have the best selection of auto air conditioning hoses around.


We do not suggest trying to repair or recharge your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Freon is a toxic chemical that needs to be disposed of properly. You can count on our expert staff to recharge your system safely.

Auto A/C Replacement

If it’s not possible for our mechanics to make an auto air conditioner repair or get your system cooling with a refrigerant recharge, we will suggest a complete auto A/C replacement.


Automotive air conditioners are complex systems. It’s essential to have a trusted mechanic complete your automotive air conditioner replacement. Replacement services made by someone who isn’t highly qualified or certified can cost you more money in the long run.


Our mechanics are highly trained and have years of experience working on automotive air conditioning systems. All of our work is guaranteed, so you can rest assured your vehicle will keep you cool.

Why Choose Auto Air Pro for Automotive A/C Services

When you need to bring your car in for automotive air conditioning service, choose Auto Air Pro. We’re a well-established, reputable auto air conditioning service. Our company has been locally owned and operated since 1995. We’re also licensed, insured, and bonded.

Auto Air Pro is the number one Corona auto air conditioning service because we have flexible appointment hours and highly qualified and trusted staff. Call us today to schedule an automotive air conditioning repair or inspection service. We’ll get you back on the road in no time!