Sun City Auto Air Conditioning Company

Don’t spend any more time driving around in a car with a broken air conditioner. You can get fast and flexible automotive air conditioning repair by calling Auto Air Pro. The experts at Auto Air Pro have provided Sun City automotive air conditioning service since 1995.


Our highly trained and certified mechanics and technicians can inspect your auto air conditioning system quickly and thoroughly. Following the inspection, we can make the necessary auto A/C replacement or repairs to get your car cooling again.

Signs You Need Air Conditioner Service

There are some obvious and not-so-obvious signs that you might need to bring your car in for an A/C inspection. The most obvious signs include your system blowing warm air or not blowing air at all.


If your A/C isn’t turning on, it could mean that your fans are broken, there’s a blown fuse, or something wrong with the wiring. If your A/C runs, but only produces warm air, there might be a problem with your condenser or compressor.


The less obvious signs your car needs air conditioner service include strange noises, foul smells, and excess humidity in your car. Bring your car in for an inspection if you start to notice any of these problems.


Strange noises could mean there’s debris stuck somewhere in the system. Debris often comes from leaves or sticks that fall onto your car, but it could be from small animals making a nest under your vehicle’s hood. Foul odors could mean water isn’t draining from your air conditioning system correctly. Your car’s A/C should reduce the humidity inside the car when the A/C is on, so if you notice a lot of humidity, there might be something wrong.

Automotive Air Conditioner Repair, Recharge, and Replacement

Auto Air Pro can help you whether you need auto A/C repair in Sun City or complete system replacement. Here’s a look at a few of our air conditioner services.

Auto A/C Repair

An A/C inspection can pinpoint damaged or broken components within your car’s air conditioning system. When you bring your car in for an inspection, we will check the air filter, compressor, and condenser. We will also check the hoses and tubes, wiring, and fuses.

If any of these automotive air conditioner components are damaged, we can make repairs or replace just the broken pieces so that your air conditioner functions properly again.

Auto A/C Recharge

The refrigerant in your car might need to be recharged to help your car cool all the way. Additionally, if there was a leak due to broken or damaged hoses, you might need refrigerant added to your system.

If your A/C needs to be recharged or filled up, we recommend bringing your car into the shop. Refrigerant is a highly toxic chemical, and it must be handled properly. We have the expertise and experience to recharge and refill your car’s refrigerant.

Auto A/C Replacement

Vehicle air conditioner systems are complex, so we never recommend taking your car to someone who isn’t certified to work on the A/C system. All of our certified mechanics have special training and education to work on vehicle A/C systems.


If a simple repair or recharge can’t get your car cooling again, we will recommend auto A/C replacement. Our technicians and mechanics have years of experience working with automotive air conditioning systems.

Choose Auto Air Pro for Auto A/C Service in Sun City

Auto Air Pro is a well-established, reputable automotive air conditioning service. We’ve been locally owned and operated. For over 25 years, we have helped customers in Sun City with auto air conditioner service.


Our company is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. We hire only quality, trusted, and reliable staff. We use only the highest quality parts and replacement components, and our Sun City auto air conditioning services are guaranteed. We have flexible appointment times and can usually complete same-day repairs.