Wildomar Auto Air Conditioning Company

Surely you don’t expect your car’s air conditioning system to stop cooling or break down, but if it ever happens, you’ll need a trusted auto A/C service to help you out. Auto Air Pro is a well-established, reputable automotive air conditioning service. We can take care of your auto air conditioning repair, recharge, and replacement needs.

Top Reasons You Need Automotive Air Conditioner Repair

Sometimes it can be difficult to separate signs that you need Wildomar auto air conditioner service, routine maintenance, or other vehicle repairs. Here are the top five reasons you need to bring your vehicle in for auto A/C replacement or repair services.

Air Isn’t Blowing Through the A/C

When air stops blowing from your car’s air conditioning system, you could have a serious problem with broken fans or faulty wiring. Bring your car in for an air conditioner inspection to see if your fans can be repaired. Our automotive air conditioner repair company can help you with basic to extensive repairs necessary to get air moving through your A/C.

Only Warm Air Blows Through the A/C

If the air blows through your vents easily, you probably don’t have a problem with your fans; however, if only warm air blows through the A/C system, there could be a different issue. Your condenser or compressor could be in need of repair or cleaning. Coils that are dirty or clogged within your car’s air conditioner system could prevent the air from cooling as it moves through your system.

Strange Noises are Heard in the Vents

Vehicles come into contact with various debris types when parked, stored, or moving. If you hear strange noises, like clicking or rattling, coming from your A/C vents, you could have debris stuck inside your A/C system. An inspection from a technician can help identify debris from plants and animals.

Odd Smells are Emitted from Vents

Your car’s A/C system shouldn’t smell weird when it’s working. If you notice a mildew or mold smell coming from the vents when the A/C is on then there might be an issue. Mildew or mold can grow inside of your car’s A/C system if the car can’t expel the condensation produced during the cooling process.

Excess Humidity is Noticeable in the Cabin

Your vehicle’s A/C works as a dehumidifier. If you notice excess humidity in the cabin after your A/C has been running, there could be a problem with the water removal system in your vehicle. Bring your car in for a quick A/C inspection to see if this is why your car won’t cool.

Auto A/C Replacement vs. Repair

We always try to repair automotive air conditioning systems before recommending full system replacement. Common repairs include changing the air filter, installing new fuses, and replacing worn or leaky hoses.


Our staff is also capable of recharging the refrigerant in your vehicle’s air conditioning system. It’s essential you hire someone who has been trained to work with refrigerant because it’s dangerous and must be handled carefully.


If repairs or refrigerant recharge measures don’t get your car cooling as it should, you might need auto A/C repair in Wildomar. Our team will always try to make parts replacements and repairs before recommending full system replacement. If you need a full automotive air conditioner replacement, you can count on our expert staff to install a new system that cools your vehicle.

Choose Auto Air Pro for Your Auto A/C Service Needs

When you need automotive air conditioning repair or replacement, you need to bring your vehicle to Auto Air Pro. We’re locally owned and operated and have been in business for over 25 years. We’re also licensed, insured, and bonded.

Customers count on us to use high-quality parts and workmanship. We hire only quality, trusted, and reliable mechanics and technicians. If you’re looking for Wildomar auto air conditioning service, call us to arrange an appointment.

Don’t delay your Wildomar automotive air conditioning service or suffer in the heat any longer. We’ll inspect your vehicle, make automotive air conditioning repairs, and get you back to your busy schedule.