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Automotive Heating is the process of regulating the temperature of a vehicle's interior. It functions by transferring heat from a hot coolant in the engine to the cabin air. There are several parts of an automotive heating system. These parts are: the heater core, the thermostat, and the coolant flow. Each component plays an important role in the functioning of the heater.

Problems with the heater system

Heating system problems are common in older vehicles, and they are often more likely to occur in older vehicles with higher mileage. Regular inspections and maintenance on the internal components of this component are essential to keep your car heater running smoothly. If you are not able to drive your car during cold days, it is important to find a mechanic to repair your automotive heater system.


The heating and cooling systems in your car are vital to its primary operation and your comfort and safety. Therefore, regular maintenance is imperative to ensure the proper functioning of both systems. Failed or faulty components can result in significant damage and costly repairs.


It's important to maintain the automotive heating system of your vehicle. It not only keeps your passengers comfortable, but it also keeps the engine cool. If the heater core is malfunctioning, you should take your car to a repair shop to have it replaced. Although individual parts of the system don't cost much, a complete replacement of the entire system is quite costly. To avoid such a costly repair, stay on top of smaller issues.

Heating and cooling your vehicles can be an expensive affair. Save money and time by maintaining efficient heating and cooling systems. Call at (951) 679-0996 and ask about our special discounts for senior citizens.

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