Winchester Auto Air Conditioning Company

Auto Air Pro has been the leading choice for Winchester automotive air conditioning service since 1995. We help our customers get their car’s air conditioner cooling again with repairs, refrigerant recharge, and replacement services.


If your vehicle can’t seem to keep you cool, call us today. We have fast and flexible appointment times in during the week, in the evenings, and even on the weekends. Our staff is highly trained and professional. We know how valuable your time is, so we work hard to get you back on the road with a working air conditioner.

Common Automotive Air Conditioner Problems

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is complex. It’s made up of several parts, including hoses, fuses, wires, coils, a compressor, and a condenser. Your vehicle’s air conditioner also needs refrigerant to cool the air running through the system. Here are some common A/C problems you might notice if there’s an issue with your automotive A/C:

  1. The fans don’t turn on or move when the A/C is on.
  2. Only warm air comes out of your vents, even when your vehicle has been running for a while.
  3. There is a musty or moldy smell coming from your A/C vents when the air is turned on.
  4. There are new or unusual clicking or rattling sounds coming from your A/C vents when the air conditioner is running.
  5. The air coming out of your A/C is only sometimes cool.

If you experience any of these common problems, you should bring your vehicle in for an automotive air conditioner inspection. A thorough inspection by a certified mechanic will be able to identify problems with the major components of your air conditioner. We can also see if there is a system blockage, debris in your A/C, disconnected wiring, damaged fans, and much more.

Do I Need Winchester Auto Air Conditioner Service?

You will know that you need some type of auto automotive air conditioner repair if your car’s air conditioner isn’t blowing air or it’s only blowing warm air. It can be difficult to tell if you need air conditioner service if your automotive air conditioning system is intermittently working.


Our Winchester auto air conditioning service can inspect your vehicle’s air conditioner for damage, including normal wear and tear. An inspection will check the hoses, fuses, wiring, and major system components, like the fans, compressor, and condenser.


If we see broken or damaged parts, we are usually able to make same day automotive air conditioning repairs. We use only high-quality parts from trusted suppliers. We have the best selection of automotive air conditioner hoses in the area.


We are also capable of full auto A/C replacement if your vehicle’s air conditioner cannot be repaired. Whether you need A/C repair or replacement, call Auto Air Pro to schedule your service appointment.

Can I Fix My Automotive Air Conditioner?

Since your vehicle’s air conditioner is made up of many components, we always suggest bringing your car in so that work can be completed by a certified mechanic. Making repairs to your vehicle’s A/C system without experience could further damage your car.

Our certified mechanics are highly trained and have many years of A/C repair and replacement experience. They have access to the correct replacement parts and tools. Our shop is also capable of recharging and refilling your vehicle’s refrigerant.

Why Choose Auto Air Pro for Auto A/C Repair in Winchester

Auto Air Pro has been a well-established, reputable automotive air conditioning service for over 25 years. We’re locally owned and operated and our company is licensed, insured, and bonded.

All of the automotive air conditioning repair and auto A/C replacement services we complete is guaranteed. We hire only the best staff. Our mechanics are certified, have years of experience, and are reliable. Call us today to schedule your auto A/C service.