Perris Auto Air Conditioning Company

When your car’s air conditioner system has trouble cooling down, you need to get to Auto Air Pro for auto A/C service. For over 25 years, we have helped our customers get their cars cooling properly again with auto A/C repair in Perris.


Whenever you need to have your air conditioner system serviced, you have to have work completed by a certified mechanic. Auto Air Pro only hires highly qualified and experienced mechanics to complete automotive air conditioner repair, recharge, and replacement.


Automotive air conditioning systems are intricate and complex. To diagnose your car’s specific issue, we start every Perris automotive air conditioning service by inspecting the system’s components for damage or disrepair. After identifying the problem, we can complete auto A/C replacement or repair your auto air conditioning system.


5 Signs You Need Automotive Air Conditioner Repair

There are five main signs that you need Perris auto air conditioner service. Call us to arrange an appointment if you experience any of the following signs. Our appointment times are fast and flexible. We can schedule your air conditioning service appointment for daytime, evenings, or weekends.

Strange Smell from A/C Vents

A well-functioning automotive air conditioner shouldn’t have any strange smells or odors coming from it when it’s running. You may have a problem if you notice that your car begins to smell odd when you run the air conditioner. Moisture that can’t escape your car’s air conditioning system can cause mold or mildew to grow inside your car’s A/C system.

Mildew and moisture inside your air conditioning system is a sign that’s something broken or in disrepair. It’s important to resolve this problem to prevent further damage to your air conditioner system.

Clicking or Rattling Noises from A/C Vents

Automotive air conditioning systems are relatively quiet when they’re on. Even when your A/C is on full blast, you shouldn’t hear any clicking or rattling coming from your vents. If you hear clicking or rattling noises coming from your vents when your A/C is on, then debris might be trapped in your air conditioner system. A quick inspection can identify any dirt or debris that needs to be removed.

Your Car is Humid Inside

One of the main functions of your car’s air conditioner, aside from cooling the inside of your car, is to dehumidify your car’s interior. If your car is humid inside, even after running it with the air conditioner on, then your A/C might be to blame. We can ensure your car’s drainage system isn’t blocked and keep moisture from draining into your car’s interior.

Your Car is Blowing Warm Air

If your car’s A/C system isn’t blowing cool air consistently or only blowing warm air, it’s time for an air conditioner system inspection. Your condenser, compressor, or coils might need repair services. You’ll likely need a replacement part if a repair cannot be made.

Your Car isn’t Blowing Air

If air doesn’t blow through your A/C vents when you turn your air conditioner on, your system’s fans could be damaged or broken. Bring your car to Auto Air Pro for replacement or repair services if you suspect your car has damaged or broken fans.



Choose Auto Air Pro for Perris Auto Air Conditioning Services

Whether you need auto A/C replacement or repair services, you need to choose Auto Air Pro for all your Perris automotive air conditioning service needs. We’re a well-established, reputable automotive air conditioning service.

Our company has been locally owned and operated since 1995. We’re licensed, insured, and bonded. All of our air conditioner services are guaranteed and installed by a highly trained and certified mechanic. In fact, we hire only quality, trusted, and reliable staff.

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling like it used to, or it’s not cooling at all, call us for quick and prompt appointments. In most cases, we’re able to make same-day repairs so you can get back to your errands in a cool and comfortable car.